Its been a while since my last rant here.

How I missed my ‘youth’ moment, where I had plenty of times to write in here. Rant of everything and anything I’ve encountered in my daily life.

How is my daily life nowadays?

My routine is not like others. There are days that I’ll be a ‘morning person’. Then the other days I’ll be the ‘owl’ who just need to be awake at night. Dynamic routine that I need to adapt, hoping that I may not jeopardise patients that I need to confront, almost everyday.

And finally, after all the ‘stress’ here, I’ll be having my sweet travel / journey trip with my current housemates. Can’t wait for it (even we did spend a lot of budget for it 😀 ).

With me, I have my new own ‘gadget’ for the trip. Hoping that with the ‘gadget’, I may update my ‘Teratakecil’ or ‘Pondokecil’, for me to share with others what I have with me there, the view and experience. InsyaAllah.

Ok, until we meet again InsyaAllah. 🙂





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